About Us

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A1 Express Cars & Taxi is a franchised taxi service in Walsall. A1 Express equips all its vehicles with a city-licensed taxi metre with applied LADOT seal as provided by these Regulations. A high-end light and a computer terminal Radio receiver can transmit two-way contacts anywhere in the approved field.



The drivers strive to take the most accessible route to the passenger’s destination.



Drivers can be safe, respectful and comply with all laws on-road travel.



Smoke-free and clean taxis will be safe.

Serving From Years

Besides, all A1 Express cars shall: carry out routine safety inspections; be free of unnatural dirt and grim; be free of broken and scratched windows; be free of headlights and window buckles; be free of any torn pans, headliner or tapering; be free of unusual or informative colours.